For 2011

Wishing that man will recognized woman


World mouvement!

Let all the secrets out!!!!

Be part of the world mouvement!

Family secrets, country secrets,

lies and illusions.

Only the people scared of the truth try

to quiet this flow going around the planet!

Nobody can quiet this movement.

Too many people are awake!


Words from Monica Lumley-Piercey

"The council has made it clear to me that the

Divine Feminine on this planet has been

supressed long enough.

At the same time it is important to aknowledge

the Divine Masculine and bring it into balance

and harmony".

If you want to read Monicas fabulous text on this issue

please mail to prem.madhu@glocalnet.net.


The most important journey

is 30 centimeter, from the head to the heart.

The heart is the only place where you can meet.


Female FORCE

Female Force right NOW over the planet


An red Indian told his grandchildren!

"There are two wolfs within us that always fight.

One is hate and war.

The other is love and peace.

"Which one wins?" asked his grandchildren.

"The one you feed" answered the old indian."


Breath in Love

"Breath in Colours!"


do you know Your Self?

Have you looked in your 90 % which is uncounscious?


Breath in your Heart!

Why are people so afraid to open their hearts?


Rumi says in the MATHNAWI

"Woman is a ray of God.

She is not just the earthly beloved,

She is creative, not created".


To Sakineh

You are not alone

The whole world is supporting you

Feminine Energy should be honoured

not destroyed


The Queen of Pentagram

To be in tune with mother Earth is to be vulnerable,

very sensitive, fragile and creative.

Only when you can feel these qualities,

you are in tune with her.

Right now the earth is bleeding.

Love her, Honour her, Serve her!

The Last Barrier

is an amazing book by Reshad Feild, a Sufi journey.

"There is no creation in the relative world;

there is only the becoming of Being."


A mystic or a saint?

What is the difference when truth is spoken?

She was burned on the stake but

her spirit is still here today !


Rabia last part

At the end of her life, she moved to a little house

in Jerusalem, at the top of the Olive montain.

She lectured in a small temple nearby.

When she left her body,her friends put a grave

in that little house

Visit her in Jerusalem and remember her

for her unconditional love!


Rabia part 6

Rabia continued to meet people and miracles happened.

More and more people came to her and offered her

money. She never accepted money and pursued her inner

search in poverty. She said to people: "Everything I have

lost, I have found in the Beloved."

to be continued.....


Rabia part 5

The man who was nice to Rabia asked her to marry him

so she could be free from slavery. Rabia answered

-I only exist through Allah and I am totally devoted

to him. People started to hear about Rabia and went

to visit her. She always welcomed people and spoke

to them from the depth of her heart.

to be continued......


Rabia part 4

The man got tired of Rabia since she did not want to listen

to him anymore. He put a rope around her neck

and took her to the slavery market in Bagdad.

A new man bought Rabia and he gave her new clothes

and fed her. He allowed her to pray to her Beloved.

He told her, "in my house you are free!"

to be continued......


Rabia part 3

From that day, Rabia refused to sing and dance

at weddings. The only songs she wanted to express

was her love to her beloved, Allah.

The man got really angry and started to beat

and burn her, so she would be scared and keep

singing and dancing like before.

But she refused and she started to pray

all night, asking Allah

to help her out of this desperate condition.

to be continued.........


Rabia part 2

The man who had enslaved Rabia took her to Bagdad

and since she had a beautiful voice he taught her how

to sing and dance. She was sent to weddings to performe

and the people gave her some money, which the man took.

Rabia was unhappy with this life and when she turned 36

her voice changed at the same time that her heart opened,

she started to sing from her heart to her beloved, Allah!

to be continued......


Rabia - the story

Her father died when she was eleven years old.

Rabias mother thought that the life in the dessert

was too hard so she decided to move to Basra with her

four daughters. But on the way to Basra, they met

dangerous men and each of the men took one daughter

as a slave and killed the mother.

to be continued........


Rabia al-Adawiyya

She was born close to Bsara, in Irak around 717.

Her father, Ismaïl, was very poor and lived

with his wife close to the desert.

They had four girls, the last one was named

Rabia ar-rabia. It is for her this blog was created!


For all sisters

that follow their hearts and souls!

Thank you www.pelafadime.se for your work!

The world needs female energy, now more then ever!


From Louise L. Hays book LIFE!

"Wisdom is learning when to say no to people, places,

things and experiences that do not benefit us.

Wisdom is the ability to examine our belief systems

and our relationships to make sure that what

we are doing or accepting is for our greatest good."


From Gabrielle Roth

"Put your psyche in motion and it will heal itself"


Swahili Warrior song

"Life has meaning only in the struggle.

Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods

So Let celebrate the struggle."


Sending an angel to the kids of the medina!

"We believe

that giving is receiving in uniting instead of dividing

that you matter

that you choices are important

that the world is our responsibility

that the smallest light can illuminate the deepest darkness

and that we have the power to create changes."

from www.unitehopeproject.com


Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth!

from-Sheryl Louise Moller in the book EAT PRAY LOVE of Elizabeth Gilbert




and thank you for your hospitality.

thank you for the sun.

thank you for your beauty.

bslama to Romain, Jean, Cassi, Francoise, Said,

Maryam, Frederique, Zarah, Fafa,

Valérie, Rhadija,Chériff, Aziz, Karima, Cecile,

and the sweetest Saida that brought light to the medina


Thank you Vicky Wall

for your beautiful creation of Aura-Soma Colour Theraphy.


Rumi does not need a house

you can find him in your dance!


Rumi is dancing

Rumi is dancing and moving....

Insch Allah!


The purpose of Dar Al Rumi WAS

The creation of Dar Al Rumi came through Madhu after

a period of a long silence- meditation.

The intention was to give beauty to Africa and Morocco.

To create a place of silence in a chaotic

and beautiful city called Marakech.

The purpose was to give not to take and not to change.

How can you own a part of mother earth?

or an ancient part of the medina?

Dar Al Rumi belongs to Morocco and to the soul of Rumi

Rumi speaks about the religion of the heart

The deepest core of ISLAM.

Nobody can change the real purpose of Dar Al Rumi

And every dream has an end.



The medium said

that her Higher Purpose was to make this planet more beautiful.



to those who understand, to those who do not judge, to those who have




Sahajo, the path of an enlightened woman mystic.


SAKINAH- The Eye of the Heart

"Mysteries are not communicable save to those who know".

This Priestess represents a wisdom - "ayn al-qalib"

"the eye of the heart"


An illuminated heart

Rumi will transport you to a world where love and beauty

give rise to sublime truth.


From the depth of My SOUL

Calling the Egyptian goddess MAAT ,

the goddess of integrity

fairness and justice!


The mystics say

that Love is what keeps the cosmos together.


White Tara

so sensitive, so sensitive.


from Nisargadatta

Love tells me I am everything.

Wisdom tells me I am nothing.

Between these two my life flows.


Freedom of the heart

White for freedom

Green for the heart.