The 11th hour for SOUL freedom

Countrysystem, familysystem are falling apart.

The time has come to open your heart

and to look for the leader inside yourself!

Gather yourself and be the change you want

to see. Open for Grace, prayers and the whole!



"Awaken the goddess within you through dance,

self-care and appreciating your divinity."


How OPEN are YOU?

to your own female energy?

Are you in contact with the Moon?

Have you even felt the full Moon?

Do you feel the pain of the Earth?

Are you too busy trying to change others?

Do you feel part of the whole?

Have you heard the call of mother Earth?

Are you awake?


My prayer to Earth

I am praying to you Sacred Mother Earth!

I ask you for forgivness for my uncounciousness.

I am more aware now where I put my energy.

Animals, Oceans are dying right now and

like all fragile beings they do not have

a voice! I want to be the voice for them by opening

my vulnaribility and my heart!

It is the only way to heal You Sacred beautiful mother.

Mother Earth, I need you so much!

I bow down to you!


From St. Francis of Assisi

What you are looking for is what is looking.


This year

Cultivate beauty and listen to mother Earth!