For 2011

Wishing that man will recognized woman


World mouvement!

Let all the secrets out!!!!

Be part of the world mouvement!

Family secrets, country secrets,

lies and illusions.

Only the people scared of the truth try

to quiet this flow going around the planet!

Nobody can quiet this movement.

Too many people are awake!


Words from Monica Lumley-Piercey

"The council has made it clear to me that the

Divine Feminine on this planet has been

supressed long enough.

At the same time it is important to aknowledge

the Divine Masculine and bring it into balance

and harmony".

If you want to read Monicas fabulous text on this issue

please mail to prem.madhu@glocalnet.net.


The most important journey

is 30 centimeter, from the head to the heart.

The heart is the only place where you can meet.


Female FORCE

Female Force right NOW over the planet