The Queen of Pentagram

To be in tune with mother Earth is to be vulnerable,

very sensitive, fragile and creative.

Only when you can feel these qualities,

you are in tune with her.

Right now the earth is bleeding.

Love her, Honour her, Serve her!

The Last Barrier

is an amazing book by Reshad Feild, a Sufi journey.

"There is no creation in the relative world;

there is only the becoming of Being."


A mystic or a saint?

What is the difference when truth is spoken?

She was burned on the stake but

her spirit is still here today !


Rabia last part

At the end of her life, she moved to a little house

in Jerusalem, at the top of the Olive montain.

She lectured in a small temple nearby.

When she left her body,her friends put a grave

in that little house

Visit her in Jerusalem and remember her

for her unconditional love!


Rabia part 6

Rabia continued to meet people and miracles happened.

More and more people came to her and offered her

money. She never accepted money and pursued her inner

search in poverty. She said to people: "Everything I have

lost, I have found in the Beloved."

to be continued.....


Rabia part 5

The man who was nice to Rabia asked her to marry him

so she could be free from slavery. Rabia answered

-I only exist through Allah and I am totally devoted

to him. People started to hear about Rabia and went

to visit her. She always welcomed people and spoke

to them from the depth of her heart.

to be continued......


Rabia part 4

The man got tired of Rabia since she did not want to listen

to him anymore. He put a rope around her neck

and took her to the slavery market in Bagdad.

A new man bought Rabia and he gave her new clothes

and fed her. He allowed her to pray to her Beloved.

He told her, "in my house you are free!"

to be continued......


Rabia part 3

From that day, Rabia refused to sing and dance

at weddings. The only songs she wanted to express

was her love to her beloved, Allah.

The man got really angry and started to beat

and burn her, so she would be scared and keep

singing and dancing like before.

But she refused and she started to pray

all night, asking Allah

to help her out of this desperate condition.

to be continued.........


Rabia part 2

The man who had enslaved Rabia took her to Bagdad

and since she had a beautiful voice he taught her how

to sing and dance. She was sent to weddings to performe

and the people gave her some money, which the man took.

Rabia was unhappy with this life and when she turned 36

her voice changed at the same time that her heart opened,

she started to sing from her heart to her beloved, Allah!

to be continued......


Rabia - the story

Her father died when she was eleven years old.

Rabias mother thought that the life in the dessert

was too hard so she decided to move to Basra with her

four daughters. But on the way to Basra, they met

dangerous men and each of the men took one daughter

as a slave and killed the mother.

to be continued........